Mr Jorge Amat Fernandez


2015 PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast

2012 Honours degree by research, University of the Sunshine Coast

2010 Bachelor science in Marine Science, University of Valencia UCV


Previous Positions (For academics/ post docs)

Honours Student


My PhD research investigates exactly what are the molecular genetic components that enable the successful production of an animal’s gonad, a fundamental yet critical process that ensures the development of gametes and therefore continuation of a species. To address this question, the following three aims have been identified:

1. Specification - Identification of key genes and proteins involved in specification of primordial germ cells in tilapia.

2. Cell migration - Identification of key genes and proteins involved in primordial germ cell migration to the primordial gonad layer.

3. Proliferation - Characterisation of cytokine proteins involved in primordial germ cell proliferation into eggs or sperm.

By using the tilapia (a perciform fish) as our model, we intend to elucidate the molecular machinery that plays an essential role in the formation of a functional gonad; this information will be of significance to animal reproductive developmental biology, chemical communication systems and assist in our ultimate goal to establish the innovative technology of germ cell transplantation into surrogate fish species to the benefit of sustained aquaculture and conservation of biodiversity. Paramount to the success of this project will be the development of a reliable technique that can assist in the determination of gene function. My Honours previous work was in Yellow tail Kingfish YTK. Looking at the molecular signalling between Stromal cell derived factor 1 and Chemokine receptor 4 (SDF-1 and CXCR4). There is a publications about.

Research areas

Scanning electron microscopy


Gene cloning

Transcriptome and peptidome analysis

Gene expression assay

In vitro receptor assay

Teaching areas

Research assistant in Biotechnology laboratory practical.

Chapters & Publications

Primordial germ cell migration in the yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) and identification of stromal cell-derived factor 1. (Under acceptation)