Miss Bronwyn Adriana Rotgans (Research Assistant)


2014 Bachelor of Science, University of the sunshine Coast



I began participating in research during my undergraduate degree, working on neuroendocrinology of molluscs under the supervision of Dr Scott Cummins. Upon graduating I took a 6 month hiatus from study in order to focus more fully on research. I have been involved in a diverse assortment of projects including: the molecular communication between the parasite, S. mansoni and its intermediate host B. glabrata; the Biomphalaria Genome project; the neuropeptidome of the lobster S. verreauxi; the interaction between the invasive sawfly, S. noctilio and the pine trees it damages; regulation of aestivation in T. pisana; Eye regeneration in the crayfish, C. quadricarinatus. Several of these projects are ongoing.
I’m presently undertaking honours at the University of the Sunshine Coast, focusing on the neuroanatomy of Crown-of-Thorns Seastars, and the molecular underpinning of complex tissue regeneration in its limbs. By a combination of computational biology, electron microscopy and molecular biology, we hope to uncover some noteworthy and novel results.

Research areas






Research articles and conference papers

Stewart MJ, Favrel P, Rotgans BA, Wang T, Zhao M, Sohail M, et al. “Neuropeptides encoded by the genomes of the Akoya pearl oyster Pinctata fucata and Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas: a bioinformatic and peptidomic survey. BMC Genomics. 2014;15:840.