Miss Meaghan Smith


2015 PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast

2014 Bachelor of Hons, 1st Class, University of the Sunshine Coast

2013 Grad Cert Biotechnology, Queensland University of Technology

2012 Bachelor of Biomedical Science, University of the Sunshine Coast




From a young age I have always been fascinated by science, which led me to pursue tertiary studies in the biomedical discipline. My interest soon took a detour with my research now having a primary focus on molecular biology/biotechnology and its applications. Having always been passionate about the Marine environment, my studies combine my interest in science and advocacy for sustainability and health of our marine ecosystems with my current project working on molecular understanding of the Crown of Thorn Starfish and the detrimental impact they are having on the Great Barrier Reef. Alongside with my studies, I am a strong supporter of education and vocational training and actively participate in volunteering and advocacy programs to engage primary, secondary and tertiary students in the sciences.

Research areas

Molecular biology

Molecular Biotechnology

Neurobiology science

Reproductive associated biology


Molecular Evolution

Peptidomics, metabolomics ,transcriptomics, genomics

Professional memberships

Women in Technology

Research articles and conference papers

USC Research Week 2014 - Molecular biology of communication: removing crown-of-thorns starfish from the Great Barrier Reef (in collaboration with Rebecca Roberts)